Belize City, Belize


Our Second Stop was in Belize. When you get to the Port of Belize it is too shallow to dock the ship, so you have to take a tender out from the ship to port, This is not my favorite thing, because you have to wake up super early if you want to be one of the first people off of the boat, If you don’t book your excursion with the cruise-line ( which we didn’t) , you have to meet and get tender tickets, everyone in your party has to be there to get the tickets. While it isn’t the worst thing in the world, If you know me at all, I am not a morning person at all!

We decided to book our excursion through an outside company because it was so much cheaper to do it that way. While it does scare me just a tiny bit, that we wont make it back in time, I know it is their livelihood, and if they don’t get us back in time they will be out of business. So I take the gamble, and it has always worked out for us…So far.

This time we used a company Called Butt’s Up when you book online they clearly explain where to go, it was super easy to find. You also don’t have to pay until that day, so if for some reason you need to cancel you are not out anything and you don’t have to try to get a refund. You do have to pay in cash, so I had to make sure I had enough cash on hand for excursion, tips and anything else I might need.

Once we met up with them they put us on a bus and we had a very long bumpy bus ride to the caves. I knew going into it that It would take about an hour drive there and an hour drive back, but we decided it would be worth the drive.

sorry about these pictures, the bus window was all cloudy and cracked so you can’t really tell, but it wasn’t exactly the beautiful Belize you see in pictures, It is very humbling to see how others live. The tour guide tried to keep us entertained the whole way giving us info about the city and telling jokes the whole time.

Once we finally got there we had to take a walk to the caves and they stopped along the way to show us the different types of plants and things they have growing there in the jungle. I loved hearing and seeing all of that, but my boys were getting restless, after an hour on a bus and then a long stroll they just wanted to get to the cave tubing already!

Finally we get done with the nature hike and on to the tubing! It was really cool but a little crowded and noisy in the cave, which made it hard for me to hear what our guide was saying, but just being there in a cave in Belize was pretty amazing and something I never knew I would ever do!

We floated for about 30-40 minutes then it was back to the buses where they took us to a little place to eat homemade chicken Tamale’s. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures, but I didn’t eat one, I got too scared, the last time I was adventurous I ate different foods from all the different islands, and I came home pretty sick. I didn’t want a repeat of that! But the others all ate them and where just fine. I guess I just wasn’t feeling it that day. LOL

After the Tamales it was back into the bus for another hour-long bus ride home. I will say although it was amazing, I don’t think I would do this excursion again, just because of the time, we didn’t have much time to do anything else. I hate feeling rushed and two hours of driving seemed like a waste of our precious time. When we got back we did squeeze in some time to take pictures at the famous Belize signs.



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