Cruise Tips

I Went on my first Cruise about 2 years ago and to say I am hooked is an understatement. I have been on 4 cruises ( 5th right now) and already have one booked for next year. There are a few things I have learned to pack that makes life easier while cruising.


This one Is probably the most important one for me, We didn’t know anything with our first cruise and we only had two outlets in our whole room, and with cameras, phones, curling irons, blow dryers, it was quite the balancing act trying to keep everything charged!


A wide mouth water bottle. I mostly drink water all day and having your own water-bottle you can fill up as much as you want and take it wear ever you go is a must. Having a wide mouth one helps when trying to put ice into your cup.

A lanyard. While not the most attractive thing to wear, having your room key on you at all times and not having to dig around for your key makes life so much easier. You literally use this key for everything. I found this cute “fancy” wrist one for the Elegant nights.



A Water proof bag to put your cell phones or anything else you don’t want to get wet while on excursions or on the deck. Towel clips to clip your towel onto the back  of you lounge chairs, it can get really windy and not having to deal with your towel flying away is very handy. You can also clip your hat to them too, those things like to fly off while sunbathing.

While these are not necessary, They sure makes going to your room fun, and not to mention easy to remember which room is yours, some of those hallways are so long its nice to just know which one is yours without having to think too hard. It’s also a  fun way to help celebrate special occasions. IMG_2263

We decorated my parents door on our last cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary. How fun is this??

Hope some of these Tips helps you out. Now get Cruisin’


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