How to Pack on Hangers

So back when my son Haden was getting ready to go away for two years on a LDS mission to Mexico City, we had to figure out how to pack all his stuff in only two suitcases and to make it easy to be able to pick up and move whenever necessary. I stumbled across a You Tube video that taught how to pack on hangers, and I had one of those moments where I was like, Why have I not done this before? I couldn’t wait until my next trip to try it out. It was the easiest and fastest I have ever packed and unpacked in my life!


I start with anything flat that can be put at the bottom of the suitcase before I start with the hangers.

First hang everything up on hangers. Start with laying a couple tops sideways inside the suitcase letting excess hang out over the side, Put more tops laying across the opposite side. Next layer put pants, or dresses one side then the other, keep layering each direction alternation tops on sides, and pants or dresses on the other sides, keeping the excess fabric hanging over the top of the suitcase sides.

folding sleeves at the creases, makes for very little wrinkles too. Once you’ve gotten all of your hanging clothes packed. you can fill the middle with anything that you don’t want to hang, like shorts and accessories.

Next take the hanging sides and fold them over on top of everything.

You make a nice little bundle of clothes. Next you need some packing cubes, I bought mine off of Amazon. I put all of my swimsuits, underwear, tee shirts, and anything else you would normally put into a drawer.

Place the packing cubes on top of your clothes bundle. put shoes, toiletries and anything else you might have left to pack in any of the left over spaces.


There you have it, hopefully that makes sense. To unpack you remove everything on top, take packing cubes and place in drawers. Pull out the packing bundle and flip in over on to the bed. unfold bundle. grab hangers and hang up in closet! It’s seriously so fast! I hate living out of a suitcase, this way it makes packing and unpacking not AS painful.  If you hang things up after wearing them through out your trip, packing up at the end is just as easy!


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