Happy Accident

I have worn some sort of step tracking device for over a year now. I first had a FitBit charge, but I broke that in a matter of months, I think I got way too sweaty for it…  I know So Gross. So I decided to try the Vivofit2 because it is totally water proof and you don’t have to charge it, it works on a battery and that was huge to me. I was so sick of charging my FitBit all the time, it seemed to want to be charged all the time…maybe that is why it was called the charge?? LOL

I love this Vivofit, I don’t think I have even taken it off once since I’ve gotten it! But there is a downside… It isn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever sported. While that isn’t that big of a deal most days, there are some days where it just doesn’t go. Now I know what you are thinking, just take it off, but If you know me at all, you know I am a little obsessive when it comes to some things. Getting my 10,000 steps a day is something I really try to do, I give myself Sunday’s off, but I still want to know how many steps I get on my days off. I looked on Amazon to find some sort of cute cover or bracelet so I can dress it up a bit, but I wasn’t willing to pay $40 to $50 on something that I would have to take the band on and off of, way too much work, remember I haven’t taken this thing off in Months! Tyler’s graduation day came and I wanted to wear this cute bracelet my brother in law’s gave me for Mother’s Day But it really didn’t look cute with the Vivofit at all, I am talking terrible. But I knew we were going to be doing a lot of walking that day so I had to wear it! So I thought, What if I layer it with another bracelet and maybe it will distract from it…


Ya Nope, not good, but while I was about to give in and just take it off I was walking around my bedroom and the bracelet just kind of slid over the Vivofit and stayed there like it had found its home. What? I just made my own bracelet Cover on Accident! Whoo Hoo… Happy Accident!!



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