Closet Messy Person

For some reason people are always assuming my house is always spotless, I can assure you it isn’t. In fact growing up I was one of those teenagers who’s room you couldn’t even see the floor, I would literally have a little trail to my bed and a tiny section on my bed for me to sleep. I don’t recall it being trashy, just messy with clothes and shoes, I just couldn’t be bothered with hanging things up, folding clothes and putting things away.

Fast forward to when I was a newly wed, Doug was in school and I worked everyday. We would literally wear every last piece of clothing before going to the laundry mat and used every last dish before washing our dishes. In our defense we didn’t have a washer and dryer in our tiny apartment or a dish washer, so that made it that much harder to clean. But one day some friends dropped by unannounced, I was mortified, our place was a disaster!! From that day forward I vowed I would never leave my house in shambles again. So it has been my daily routine to have my house at the very least picked up before I could leave my house. This was very hard for me when my kids where little but I made it a habit and it has worked out pretty good.

Now the part you don’t know about me is I am a closet messy person, quite literally, anything behind a door, drawer or cupboard, is a total disaster. I try and try to be a clean and organized person, but there is something deep down inside of me that is an unorganized mess! I have tried every basket, bin and Tupperware and still I can’t seem to get my crap together. I used to think it was because I have three boys and a husband, but that can’t explain why my closet is always a mess.  Here was my closet a few days ago…  I’m totally embarrassed by here goes…

IMG_7872This is just a picture of my side of the closet, I should have taken one of Doug’s side, he has his shirts all color coded and organized. What is my problem? Anyone else like this??

So I spend a couple of hours cleaning my closet out, here it is all clean, I had to take pictures because I know myself it will slowly become a dump again. So there you have it, one of my little secrets.


One thought on “Closet Messy Person

  1. I love this post. I am the same way. I have always made sure our house is picked up before we leave or go to bed, but all of our junk is hidden behind doors, haha!


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