New favorite Kitchen Gadget: The Gripstic

I bought these weird-looking things up in Midway during Swiss Days last year, it was kind of an impulse buy and I really wasn’t sure I would ever even use them, But here I am 8 months later and I think these may be my new favorite kitchen Gadget ever! These silly little tubes keep stuff so much fresher than your crappy chip clips, and can be used for so many more uses than just chips. I use mine in my fridge to keep my cheeses fresh, and in the freezer to keep meat and super important things like my giant size bag of chocolate chips. But the most impressive thing by far is how long a bag chips will stay fresh with these things, I swear chips go stale pretty fast normally, but with these clips I find that they stay good forever! bonus, I don’t have to down a bag in a few days just to make sure they don’t go bad!


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