Happy Mother’s Day!


Today is Mother’s Day and I couldn’t let it go by without saying how much I love this lady right here. My Mom is one of my hero’s. She Raised me and my 7 brothers and sisters, with such style and grace, she is a true example of what it is to live a Christ like life. I have never in my 46 years heard my mom swear, you guys, she had 8 kids, and we were not angels, I can promise you that! To me that is the most impressive thing…EVER! Being that I only have 3 kids and I have lost my cool on more occasions than I care to admit, that is huge. But not only that, she was always serving others, when I’m sure she could have used some service for herself. She has made so many sacrifices for me and my family, I am forever indebted to her.

My Mom is in her 70’s now and is suffering from a form of dementia which has effected her speech. She has a hard time expressing in words what she is thinking. I know she gets frustrated, but instead of getting angry like most of us would, she just giggles and smiles. Whenever she is struggling to say what she is thinking, I know that whatever it is she is trying to say, it will never be a negative thing or her saying anything bad about anyone, that’s just not who she is. She always has something nice to say about everyone. I really hope to be more like her.

This past summer we went on a cruise to the Caribbean and we had such a great time. My mom is a pleasure to be around. She has a positive attitude and is fun to hang with, even if words are hard for her to come by, just looking at her you know she is happy. I love you Mom, Hope you have a great Day!

I Can only hope I look as good as my mom when I am in my 70’s! ( you guys remember, she had 8 kids!) Family037



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