Cashew Chicken Sandwich


Our Cupboards have been pretty bare lately. I’m trying to adjust to cooking for two sometimes three people (with Tyler’s work schedule he’s rarely home for dinner). I have never been good at making dinner anyways, but making dinner for two or three makes it that much harder! It’s so much easier to just go out to eat instead. I was so tempted to go out last night, but I am also so sick of spending money, so I decided to use what we had and I came up with this sandwich. I took the last couple pieces of bacon and fried that up. Opened up a can of chunk chicken, added some cashews, shredded cheese and some ranch dressing (homemade ranch is best if you have it), topped it off with some avocado (wholly Avocado mini) and served it up on toasted white bread. This turned out so yummy…If I do say so myself. It’s always a good sign when the hubs says ” That’s one Damn good sandwich” LOL, Success!!


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