Straight Hair

So two years ago I not only finally got a daughter(in law) in my little family of all boys, I got a hairstylist too! Talk about winning the lottery! Before Breecia came into our family I was a color my hair myself and go to a beauty school for a haircut once or maybe twice a year type of girl. I even cut my own hair in between, I’m not saying it looked good all the time I just hated going to the salon to get my hair done. I know I am weird, it may be hard to tell but I hate all the maintenance it takes to be a girl, yet I love all things girlie… Go figure!

Breecia works up in Salt Lake at Salon Shag,  it’s a super cute salon, but because I hate driving up there, my sweet daughter in law will do my hair for me at home! How lucky am I? Anyways I always wear my hair curly, it’s just who I am, but every time I get my hair done Breecia will blow dry  it straight and then  I will  quickly turn around and curl it right up. I feel bad because it’s so much work.  Well this time I decided to wear it straight for a couple of days, I kind of liked it, I may switch things up every now and then and wear it straight! It just has to be right after coloring it, because curly hair covers my grey hair longer then when I wear it straight, seriously people I really didn’t enjoy my youth the way I should have, I have been coloring my hair just for fun since college, Why? If I only knew, I would have just enjoyed my natural hair for as long as I could!


* my sad attempt at selfies, and please ignore my unmade bed! LOL

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