Sunburst Mirrors on a budget

I am a lover of all things sun related, so of course Sunburst mirrors are some of my favorite things, they just make me happy, but dang they can be expensive. I found a mirror I loved from Ethan Allen a while back but it was $1299. Um, sorry have I mentioned how cheap,  wait, I don’t like the word cheap, lets say frugal I am? there was no way I was going to pay that much for a mirror. So I started a crazy online search for a cheaper version and by cheaper I was thinking under $100.

Ethan Allen $1299


I found this ugly thing at Kohl’s for what I believe was around $30. I knew a fresh coat of spray paint can transform it into something similar to what I was looking for. I sprayed it with a gold paint and I loved the way it turned out


I couldn’t stop there, I was having too much fun. So I did some more searching and stumbled upon this mirror…


I decided to spray it with a champagne gold color and it transformed into this…


Everyone knows you must have three of anything so I also found this mirror…


but since my other two mirrors are already a gold color I decided to spray it silver…


Here is my sunburst wall in my front room, I love how happy these mirrors make me not only because they are fun, but because I was able to get these for around $100! Yay Happy Dance!



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