Bathroom update


This is the only picture I could find of my bathroom before, sorry not the best, but you can see I had brown, black and tan in there. What you can’t see is that our counter tops are a Navy blue. This was like that when we bought the house, also the shower has navy blue accent tiles. I hated the blue when we bought the house and I knew we were going to replace it so it wasn’t that big of deal to me, but we ran into so many other things that needed to be replaced that we weren’t aware of at the time,  so it got put on the back burner. WELL… here it is almost 12 years later and we still have blue counter tops and tile. I decided instead of trying to hide the blue I was going to embrace it, So I picked out some Navy blue paint for an accent wall, and I used the left over paint from my kitchen cabinets( Beyond Paint) to lighten up the vanity, and some white paint for the rest of the walls and I went to work.

I took down the existing towel rack, picture and mirror and spray painted them silver, you can’t see them in the before but they were all  either brown, black or natural wood before.  Here is the after…

Shower curtain is from Amazon, Rugs and towels from Wal-Mart and accessories from Ross.   I Spent very little and now guess what? I love the blue! I wish I would have embraced the blue sooner, oh well better late than never:)

IMG_6485IMG_6484IMG_6483IMG_6482Janna Fillmore Logo

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