Perfect Brows


While I know there is no such thing as perfect brows, I think these babies are pretty darn close. My eyebrows have never had a shape I like,  but I also  have never really put too much of an effort to try to change them either, and I realize that there are things you can do, I have been following all sorts of Instagram pages on the latest microblading trends and I’m loving them, but i am sort of scared of messing with my brows and their hair growth, i know that the older we get the less eyebrow and eyelashes we have( but more facial hair, seriously can getting older have any perks??) I would like to keep my natural eyebrow hair for as long as i can.

My eyebrow maintenance so far has been to get them shaped  maybe once or twice a year and then just plucking stray hairs for the rest of the time. I do tint  them about once a month because for some reason my eyebrows have always been way lighter than my hair color and recently I have gotten a few long wild curly gray ones! UGH! seriously?

So I decided I would go to the place I get my eyebrows shaped, The Brow Spa 24 in the mall, and see what they could do for me. I told them I wanted more of an arch and they said, ” you need to grow your eyebrows out” so they cleaned them up a bit and told me not to touch them for three weeks and to come back. So here’s the beginning stages of my attempt to have some sort of fashionable eyebrows…LOL

I love threading my eyebrows, because I use Retin-A on my skin, it is so sensitive that if I wax my eyebrows it takes my skin off with it! Yup that has happened to me before it was  super painful and so not pretty ( scabby eyebrows)!  I thought I was destined to pluck forever, but I found threading a couple of years ago and I love it so much, I think it feels amazing too! Even though my face in some of these pics are pretty ugly don’t worry that’s just my resting bitch face! LOL

*I will update in a couple of weeks and see if they are able to give me a better shape with a slight arch.

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