Tiffany Blue Inspired


With all the recent updates in our house, our guest room was pretty much where all the stuff we weren’t using anymore in the rest of the house went. It was starting to look a little sad, so it was the guest rooms turn for a little facelift. I’ve always said I wanted a Tiffany blue room, so that is where my inspiration came from and  Since I had to work with what I already have I thought that the black would balance out the brightness of the blue wall. I also knew I couldn’t afford new accessories right now so I took everything down and hit it a with a coat of Metallic silver to try to make everything look like it went together. I think it turned out really well. Now i don’t hate walking by our guest room anymore, one more room down…Yay!!IMG_6691

*Notice the clock…I tried to paint that silver as well, but it had a finish that kept bleeding through yellow no matter how many coats I tried, so I sprayed it with a white paint and it still bled yellow. So this is the color I will have to deal with for now… maybe one day i will try to prime it first and try again?


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