Menopause Sucks!


I’ve been so tired lately and no matter how tired I am in the day as soon as I get in bed and try to fall asleep I am wide awake! Ugh, I am not enjoying this phase of life at all, Menopause is not for the weak, that’s for sure! I swear that cartoon is only funny because it’s all true and if I  can’t laugh about I would be curled up in the fetal position crying all day! I’ve been dealing with these hot flashes coming up on 2 years now, some nights are worse than the others,  but lately it’s not even hot flashes that are keeping me awake, i just lay down and instantly I am wide awake, it’s the weirdest thing ever! It’s really messing with me, I feel like I’m looking haggard and It’s definitely  messing with my memory, I am having the hardest time finding the right words, and its making me so tired in the day that i’m struggling getting motivated to work out and eat right. And if those symptoms aren’t bad enough, I’ve been dealing with Acne, not your normal white head or black head type of acne, I’m dealing with those huge cysts that feel like they have their own heartbeat and solar system! I know i should leave them alone, but they are so painful i just cant help myself and i start picking at them and that just never looks cute. When i pray to look younger this is not exactly what i had in mind!! I know its all from my hormones being all out of whack, I just wish it would hurry up and run its course, I swear there are some people who only experience a few of the symptoms of menopause but i think I have them all! I have decided to not take hormones because of the risks, so I’m crossing my fingers this doesn’t last too much longer, its bad enough I’m going through this earlier than most of my friends, cant i catch a break? Right now i would just settle for a good nights sleep!!


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