HELP! I need a new favorite Hairspray

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I’ve been using Splash Finishing Spray by Focus 21 since the 80’s! It’s the best hairspray hands down! Back then you could buy this at any local drug store, it was cheap and worked so good. This hairspray works great with humidity, it doesn’t flake when you use too much and it has a super firm hold but still somehow is soft to the touch, and if you need to brush it out, it is totally doable, I’m telling you this is the best hairspray ever! oh I forgot to mention it smells good too!  As the years have gone by I have found it harder and harder to find. I started ordering it online for probably the last 15 years or so. I would search the web and find the cheapest price and stock up a years worth. Every year this has gotten to be a little harder and a little bit more expensive, but seriously people, so worth it, well today as I got out my last bottle I went online to do my annual order and holy cow the prices are ridiculous! I do about an hour of online searching to find out this company is no longer in business! So all the inventory that people have left they are selling it for crazy astronomical prices. This is one sad day for me, I am at a loss of what to do now, I guess i will be going on a quest for a new favorite hairspray, If anyone has any suggestions I am open!

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