Nothing Says Easter like Deviled Eggs


No I’m not talking about those Cadburry mini Eggs, those ARE from the Devil and I am  pretty sure are laced with Crack Cocaine, my husband who says he is not a chocolate fan found the White Chocolate version of Cadburry mini Eggs and is hooked, we are talking drug addiction status, as of the day before Easter he has gone through 14 bags all by himself, we had to replenish his stash right before, I told him if he waited a couple of days we could probably buy them half off, but nope, he needed his fix right then, we picked up another 5 bags! LOL…sorry  I got off on a tangent, but ya i’m not talking about those eggs, I’m talking about the hard-boiled kind. I love me a good deviled egg but for some reason I don’t make them very often. I know most people make them because they dye Easter Eggs and need to make something with them, I am such a bad mom we haven’t dyed Easter Eggs in I don’t know how many years… My poor youngest son, will probably need therapy some day…  Sorry Buddy… Anyway, I also don’t love everyone’s version of deviled eggs either. If i bite into one and there is any form of chunks,(aka pickle relish) I will find it really hard to choke it down.  So instead of making a yummy treat which everyone knows is my thing, this year I made Eggs (No we didn’t dye them first). A good Simple Egg with Mayo, Mustard, salt, pepper, Vinegar ( I used Rice Wine Vinegar because that is all i had on hand and ooh it was yummy)  and a little dash of garlic salt oh ya and don’t forget a sprinkle of paprika to make it look pretty 🙂


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