Fat-Free, Sugar-Free Cinnamon Rolls!!!

Oh how I wish there really was such a thing as a yummy fat-free and sugar-free Cinnamon Roll! Nope these babies are loaded full of buttery sweet goodness all wrapped up in a gooey Carb shell!

I have tried many crazy diets in my life and put myself on stupid restrictions for my New Years Eve resolutions. Some of them even worked and I did looked better, but as soon as I started eating “normal” ( well my kind of normal) again, I would spiral.  So I’ve come up with a new eating philosophy , Just eat what you want, I mean to some degree, If you are craving a Ooey, Gooey, Warm, right out of the oven cinnamon roll,  EAT that cinnamon roll!! Yes I said it, EAT it!  But then be done. I know, I know, it’s so hard to only eat one, but believe me, it’s so much harder to sit on the sidelines not eating anything because you’ve restricted yourself so much that you have to sit there and watch everyone else around you eat.  I’ve literally been in a movie theater when I was on a diet before and I sat and watched everyone just eating their popcorn and candy mindlessly and I wanted to cry ( ok truth be told I may have actually cried) I know so stupid right?  I just couldn’t stand how happy they were eating their movie treats without a care in the world. It made me feel like crap. I would get depressed and it made me not want to go out and be social anymore because apparently my life revolves around food!  That is when I finally decided things needed to change, and I came up with my own eating plan…Everything in Moderation!  So If your going to eat a cinnamon roll, eat a Real fat full and Sugar full cinnamon roll, savor it and enjoy it, then move on.

If you’ve ever made Cinnamon rolls you know it takes a lot of time and effort. So no running to the nearest gas station or bakery for me, If I really want one I know I have to work for it. I also decide before hand who im going to give the rest away to, Because I can’t be home with pans full of cinnamon rolls and not give in. So No these aren’t fat-free or sugar-free but they also aren’t going to ruin my life if I eat one…ok lets be honest most likely two, but that’s ok.

I promised my Niece a treat for helping me wrap Christmas presents and here it is April and I still hadn’t “paid” her for her services. So I spent all morning making these ( yes I was in my bath robe). I got to enjoy a fresh out of the oven cinnamon roll…the only way to eat one( in my opinion), and she finally got paid back,  See Everyone wins!


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