Fab Fit Fun Fall Box 2020

So in 2020 fashion my Fall Fab Fit Fun box got lost! It sat in the Fedex office in California for like 3 or 4 weeks, I read that things were taking longer because of Covid and because of the fires in California so I waited and waited patiently, and then I started to get worried it was lost forever and I went online and read a bunch of complaints about the shipping and how people finally got their boxes but they had nothing in it that they asked for, So when my box finally did arrive I wasn’t too sure what I was going to get.

First off I noticed this white sticker on the front, which isnt a big deal but it totally covered the cute box, which has never happened in the past, then the seal sticker looked as if it had been opened and then resealed… this was not looking good.

This is what it looked like when i opened it. I have been getting these boxes for a few years now and never has it looked like this when I opened it up, yep, this box has been through some things. no cute paper or filling just crumpled up pieces of paper which had me feeling like this was not gonna go well…

Whew, that was close, as luck would have it, everything I wanted was in there! It didn’t look pretty, but it was all there!

I was looking forward to this box, I read a lot of people were mad at this seasons box, but I liked it.

I am a select member so I get to customize more of my box then other members. I dont think I would like them picking more than the few that they do surprise us with because those are usually not my favorite.

The first pick for customization was a choice of all of these products. They had lots to pick from which is why I took a pic instead of writing them all out. LOL yep I am lazy. I had a hard time just picking one, so i didnt, I picked the Canisters and then added on the Cotton basket.

These are both super cute, the basket may be a little smaller than I thought it would be, but it’s still cute. i’m thinking it would be a great basket to hold all my brushes and hair things in my vanity. These canisters are just plain cute, they could be used for all sorts of things, but i haven’t quite figured out what I will do with them yet.

The next two items we picked from all of these choices… seriously too many choices for this girl to just pick two! Ugh…

So I picked the Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Pore perfecting & refining Serum. for the second choice. My third choice was the hardest for me, i could of picked them all honestly but i decided to pick the Jenny Bird Austin Cuff and added on the Jenny Bird Leana Pendant and the the Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the puddin’ Palette, this one was in one of our previous boxes and I use it almost everyday! I still have a ton left too, but figured I will be sad when it’s all gone so I got it as a backup.

I love the Pendant and cuff, Doug actually called the cuff my Mr. T starter kit! LOL, maybe that’s why I like it so much? I love that it has mixed metals so it can go with practically anything. I kind of wish I would of added the blue light blocking glasses… but they aren’t readers, so I decided against it.

These are the 4th and 5th choices…I was wasn’t too thrilled with them to be honest. I picked the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel, and the NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil in Horchata.

I haven’t tried the brow gel yet but if they can tame these wild brow hairs of mine, it will be a keeper!! The cuticle oil smells soooo good, I am so glad I picked it, now if I can be consistent with it, maybe my dry brittle old lady nails will start to look better.

These last three Fab Fit Fun picked for me. I ended up with the New Laundress New York Crease Release, the Beauty Crop Glow Milk in Blind Date and the Hythe Tranquility Room Spray in Santal Noir.

I haven’t tried any of these yet but the idea of spraying the wrinkles out of my clothes sounds awesome… I think I will take this with me on my next trip (whenever that is), the sleep spray scent reminds me of the Aveda shampoo I used to use that I think i may be allergic to, so we will see if I can even stand to use it, but i definitely will try it, anything to help me get a full nights sleep at this point in my life would be wonderful!!. And the Glow milk, just plain intimidates me, I’m not sure i am this adventurous with my make up, but maybe i will try it out one of these days.

So over all this was a great box. I understand people being mad at the choices or being sent things they don’t want but for only $49. it’s a steal! yea I know I added some things on, but it’s so much cheaper than the retail prices and it helps me try things I wouldn’t normally try on my own and if you don’t like something, it’s great to stick in the cupboard to have last minute gifts on hand.

My box retailed at $571! I only paid $84( $49 + $35 add-ons) Whoa Daddy!! That’s a steal!

If you would like to give Fab Fit Fun a try, Click on the link to get $10 off your first box. https://share.fabfitfun.com/x/jhvqx4

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