My Big 5-0 Birthday!

This Past week has been CRAZY! My dad didn’t feel good all last week, after three trips to the ER and a couple procedures, we at least now know what’s going on with my dad, but getting to that was rough and figuring out how to take care of my dad, who is the sole caregiver to my mom and taking care of mom while we take care of him has been quite challenging to say the least. I was mentally and physically exhausted!

Doug planned a big birthday party for me weeks ago, invites were out and food and things were ordered, but i felt so guilty having a big party during all the madness. Then when we went to go set up for the party, which was at an outdoor pavillion, the weather got all kinds of crazy windy, rainy and just plain miserable, things were flying off the tables and tablecloths were blowing away pictures and things were being blown into the nearby bushes, Tyler’s BIG Balloon arrangements with the Big 5 and Big 0 got all messed up and we lost the Zero… poor Tyler made me an awesome slideshow with TONS of pictures of me throughout my 50 years, it was so windy and rainy at first we had to turn off the TV, which made me sad because i knew he had put forth so much time and effort into it. I was feeling like this was some sort of sign from above that I shouldn’t be celebrating me, it seemed so selfish and the weather seemed to be agreeing. I was on the verge of tears all day. but Doug and the boys kept saying it will be ok. So we pushed through. Things were not set up the way we envisioned, and it was a bit crazy at first but then things started to calm down and we actually ended up having the best time! We had Mo Bettah’s ( yummy Hawaiian food) and desserts from BYU catering. It may not of been set up in fancy warmers and set up looking the way I had envisioned or of liked, but it tasted amazing!

After we ate we played Bingo. If you know me at all, you know that if I am ever in Vegas or Mesquite or even in Arizona I like to go play Bingo! I still have never won yet, but my day will come! lol It’s just so fun to me! Our good friend Tony had his birthday party in April and we played Bingo and it was so much fun, that we asked him if he would be willing to help us out with that. He did such an amazing job, he made sure we all had fun while playing and made it super entertaining too. I decided I would move to a different table each game so that I can made sure I got to talk with everyone, that was super fun!

It was so fun to see everyone excited to win too. I decided to buy a bunch of gifts for the prizes. Summer is my favorite time of year, so i figured I would giveaway some of my favorite things like beach towels and bags, frisbees, wiffle ball and bat, an ice cream maker, a shaved ice machine, a weighted hula hoop just to name a few, Oh and of course some CASH!!

I had a wonderful time. I am so thankful that I have such good friends and that my husband loves me enough to plan and throw such an amazing party for me. He knew that being with my friends and loved ones that all my worries would melt away that evening and they did.

I learned a few things that night. I learned that things don’t have to look perfect for people to have a good time. I am always such a perfectionist when it comes to things like that, and I had to sit back and take a deep breath and realize it was not going to happen that day, and it was ok. I also realised how much I missed socializing and being with my friends. I have missed these types of things with all that is going on in our world right now, it was so good to just be able to relax and laugh and enjoy being with each other. It really was the perfect night.

I was overwhelmed by all the gifts everyone brought me too, in fact I wasn’t expecting gifts at all! What a nice surprise, it totally felt like Christmas!! I have the best friends they all know me well even the ones who i’ve just met in the last year or two just get me, I feel very lucky!

One last thing, Doug asked our Daughter in Law Kaiti if she would bring her camera and take pictures of the night, all the pics above were taken by her and she was so sneaky she even made me a little video clip of the day. She sent me this the next day!… she’s quick! Here’s a little peak of my fun birthday party.

I was dreading turning 50 and you know what… because of all of you turning 50 so far has been AWESOME! Thank you!!

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