Summer Fab Fit Fun 2020

I probably get the most excited about the Summer Fab Fit Fun box because Summer is my most favorite season of them all! I love the warm days and the warm summer nights with the sun being out longer this time of year, it’s the best! It’s when I feel the happiest that’s for sure!

The first customization was between 5 different things! I thought it would be hard to choose, but actually it was quite simple. we could choose from Draper James Straw Bag with floral Scarf $75 or Pottery Barn Mason Ceramic Diffuser in Solstice $59, Do Not Age With dr. brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream $82, L*SPACE Tie Dye towel $58, Yumi Kim wireless Charging Pad $35 or the Lashes MD Eyelash Conditioner $69.95.

After a lot of thought, I chose the dr. brandt Eye Cream because let’s face it, i’m not getting any younger and i am starting to notice those dark circles around my eyes… I hadn’t really noticed mine up until this past year. So Yay me.

This stuff is retailed at $82!! Wow, first item already paid for my box and some!!

The next item to customize was between the Michael Kors Bedford Travel Passport Wallet $78, Business & Pleasure Co. Cooler Bag $59, HydroPeptide Moisture reset face oil $120, Isaac Mizrahi Blue and white Kimono $59, R+Co TELEVISION perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner $64 or The Giving Keys Mini Key necklace $45.

I knew I wanted the Cooler bag, right away, it was so dang cute and summery and with all the take out we’ve been getting lately I figured I could use it to keep things warm because this girl hates taking food home to eat, it never stays warm enough for me!  And of course it would be nice to keep things cool too, which i am pretty sure it’s what its made for.

The third customization was a choice between The giving Keys Mini Key Necklace $45, Coola Mineral Face Sunscreen $36, Toms Sydney Sunglasses $58, BLAQ Peel Off Mask + HydroGel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid( set of 5) $59, Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream $65 or the Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler $23.

I knew right away I wanted the Coola Sunscreen because I got this in another box previously and I have actually bought it again since, so I chose that because I love this stuff, it’s doesn’t make my face feel all greasy when I use it.


But I also loved the key necklace, I was a little worried it was going to be super cheap looking but I decided to take a chance and add this one on in hopes it was as cute as the picture made it. Is it weird that i just love keys? I think they are so cute I am a sucker for them!

oh my gosh the necklace surprised me it is so tiny and so dang cute, I love it! I think i’ve worn it every day since i’ve gotten it!

The next customizations are for the Select Members only, otherwise if you aren’t a select member FFF will decide which item will be in your box. The choice was between the Terre Mere Aloe and Tea Tree Toner $54, Zoe Ayla Ice Roller $30, Silked Satin Pillow Sleeve $29.50,

I chose the Satin Pillow Sleeve. I have been using a satin pillow case since Christmas time and I have noticed a huge difference in my face not having as many “sleep lines” when I wake up. It is also supposed to be so much better for your hair too, I guess all that tossing and turning in the night can really wreak Havoc on your hair… who knew?

The Lyfestyle Co. Beach Mist $42, Isaac Mizrahi Loves xo, Sienna Vace $28, Amika Brooklyn bombshell blowout Spray $25 were the next choices, I picked the Hyaluronic Acid because i can use all the help on my skin as possible but i also chose the Bombshell blowout spray because I mean look at the bottle, just that alone made me want it, but also I could use some help in that department too!!

The next three Items where picked by FabFitFun, I guess everyone will get different things, but I got the Winky Lux Uni-brow universal Eyebrow Pencil $16, the Cali Cosmetics Foot Cream with Menthol in Torocco $24 and the Spongelle Coconut Verbena Hand Cream. $18

There you have it another super fun Box! This box has a retail value of $359.50!!!! Wow thats a crazy deal!


If any of you are wanting to give FFF boxes a try I have 8 Free Starter boxes to send out to anyone who is interested, you will get 3-4 full size products for free all you have to do is pay for shipping. Just message me your name and email address and I will send you the link! These expire June 7th So jump on it now!!

Or if you just want to bite the bullet and just sign up use this link below and you will save $10 off your first box!!

$10 off Your first FFF box


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