Menopause update

I know it’s been awhile since i’ve talked about Hot Flashes and all the other crappy things that goes along with Perimenopause/ Menopause. That is probably for a couple of reasons, the first reason is because, who really wants to read about another person’s hormone fluctuations and other bodily functions?? And the other reason is because last September I finally decided to break down and go see a Doctor about things! So I am sharing my experiences so that if you are having some of the same symptoms that you don’t wait around and suffer for as long as I did!

First off the Doctor had me go in a few days before my actual appointment and have a bunch of blood drawn. I am talking like 5 vials of the stuff! Yuck I hate needles, it could be a big reason why I let things go so long before getting any answers, I am such a wimp when it comes to that kind of stuff!

When at my actual appointment, the doctor came into the room all smiles and super excited? I was like what is going on here. He starts off saying He hasn’t seen numbers like mine in years! I am like why is this making you so happy? Is this a good thing? He says well to put it bluntly you are so POST Menopause it isn’t even funny! Your body is having all these symptoms because your brain and your body are constantly talking to each other, like dude send me some estrogen over this way and my body is like…sorry dont got any and so they start getting a little angry and hot! LOL ok i may of paraphrased that a little bit but you get the jest of it. You guys I was having hot flashes all day and all night long, it was miserable! And I had been dealing with that for over three years! On top of that I wasn’t sleeping at night, I was gaining weight at a rapid pace and I had little to NO energy and was feeling super down and depressed! I kept thinking if I hold out a little longer it should end soon… well it never did, it actually started to get worse and worse! So he advised me to get on Hormone replacement. I have been anti HRT because i was so worried about getting cancer. But He put my fears at ease  and said I was much too young to be walking around with no hormones I mean you guys I had >0 estrogen !! and he let me know that it would only be for a few years, but I should give it a chance. Well it only took like a month before I started to notice that my hot flashes were completely gone and now that I have been on it for almost 10 months I can tell you that every single one of my symptoms have pretty much gone away! Except for the weight gain, but I am slowly working on that. But can I tell you I feel like a new person! I can’t believe I waited this long! Now if only my cravings for all foods bad for me would disappear Life would be perfect! Well at least now you can stand next to me without it feeling like your standing near a burning furnace!

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