111 Skin Rose gold mask


Am I the only one who will sometimes wake up and just feel Blah!? Like you look in the mirror and think really? This is what I look like now!? Well hopefully I am not the only one, but on this particular day I was feeling a pretty defeated and depressed and my face was looking dull and lifeless too,  I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of this funk until I remembered the 111 Skin rose gold sheet masks I received in my FabFitFun box and thought, this is the perfect time to try these out!!


trying to get this mask to lay flat on my face was proving to be harder than it really should be. I decided it was back to bed for the 20 minutes I was supposed to wear this for and hope that laying down will keep this on me better.


Ya there is no way to look cute in a sheet mask i’ve decided, but I did give it my best try! LOL  It seemed like a pretty loong 20 minutes. But it is hard to stay depressed when you have a shiny rose gold mask on your face!


After the 20 minutes I took the mask off and rubbed in the remaining moisture left over from the mask into my skin. Then got ready for the day. My make up did seem to go on a little smoother that day, not sure how much this really did for me, other than make me feel like I was doing something different which would result in looking a bit less tired and haggard which I kind of feel is all be in my head, I sometimes think all beauty treatments and regimens are, just something that fools ourselves into thinking we are somehow taking control over this whole aging thing, but I honestly don’t really know if I believe it or not, but until then I will continue to try anything and everything!

Now here’s where I have to be really honest, I would never pay the asking retail price for these. I believe for 5 of these masks it cost $160! What?!? That’s $32 for one!!  Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to use these until they are gone, but I will probably never buy them again. On the other hand, those bubble sheet masks I tried with FabFitFun a while back, those I would pay for, not sure if it was the bubbles or what but I loved the way my face felt after I used those. With these.. nothing too special. Or maybe it was my off mood that kept me from feeling all awesome about them. I guess i will just have to try it out another day to be sure!


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