I am new to this influenster thing, So I was pretty surprised when a Vox Box showed up on my doorstep for Mother’s Day!  If you unfamiliar with Influenster, it is a site where you can read reviews on different products, ask questions about certain products and test out free products in exchange for an honest review.  To be honest, I am not super sure how it all works, but I was bored one day and messed around on their site, and the next thing you know I am getting a little box full of free goodies! So I will be sharing and reviewing these products here in the next few days.

The first Product I tried right away was the Eva NYC Clean It Up shampoo. It happen to come on hair washing day so I figured what better time than the present! I was actually looking forward to trying a new shampoo because I think it’s good for you to take a break from your usual shampoo and conditioner every once and awhile, even though I love what I am using now 😛 First impressions… the smell, which is very important to me, it was just ok, in fact I would say I didn’t really like it at all, but it wasnt so bad that I got a headache or anything like that, so maybe it was just ok, nothing to write home about that’s for sure. As far as cleaning it felt like it cleaned my hair really well… maybe too well as I couldn’t wait to get some conditioner on it, and because I didn’t get the conditioner that goes with it, I just used what I always use and I felt and smelt so much better after! So I guess my review of this shampoo… I was not impressed. Will I use it in a pinch if I had to? Sure, but am I excited to use it again? No, not really…I think If I felt like my hair is extra greasy or dirty then I would maybe use this more as a clarifying shampoo.  I Wouldn’t want to use this everyday because I would be afraid of it stripping all my hair color out and unnecessary dryness! So there you have it, the first product I decide to use and review, is a thumbs down, but not all the way down, maybe just a neutral sideways thumb for it’s just OK to me!


**This product was received complimentary for testing purposes.



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