Stitch Fix #11

My 11th Stitch Fix box showed up this past weekend. I did something crazy this time, I didn’t even leave the stylist a note or pin anything new on my Pinterest board before this one came. In my defense I was in Hawaii when the email came about this fix, I didn’t even see it until it was too late, the next email said it was shipped out already before I could do anything, so I was super curious how this fix would be and if I would like anything in it.

Not gonna lie, when I pulled it out I was more than disappointed. I have said before, that I don’t really like to get jewelry in my fixes I have even told my stylist this time and time again, I just don’t like spending more than necessary on costume jewelry, or anything that I know I won’t wear for more than a season or two. I also noticed right away a longer sleeved top and a jacket! Isn’t this almost summer?!? And lavender? Ugh, that was my favorite color in 6th grade and I believe I wore it everyday that year and I have a hard time wearing anything that color ever since! LOL So ya at first glance, I was not impressed at all and already regretting not paying more attention to when this Fix was supposed to come!

But I decided to keep an open mind and try it all on anyway and make a decision after that. I looked a total mess that day, but I snapped pictures anyway, so please no judgements, the older I get the harder it is for me to put forth more effort than I need to!  LOL

#1- Mix By 41 Hawthorn, Arnold Raglan Knit Top.

Nothing too exciting or special about this top but it is comfy.

#2 NAKAMOL, Sona Crochet Wrap Bracelet

Ya this one is actually cuter than I expected it to be.

#3 Eden Society, Damson Cargo Jacket

Ok even though I said I hate this color, I actually kind of liked this one on me. LOL My stylist said that fashion trend reports say that Lavender tones will be taking center stage this fall so I guess I will be ahead of the game! 😛 I showed this to Doug and he LOVED it! So I guess it’s a keeper!

#4 Fortune + Ivy, Arya Mixed Material Blouse.

I like the front of this top but the back is a solid blue and not very flattering it kind of clings to all the wrong places and is a tad too long which makes my butt look HUGE, I wish it was printed all the way around. it is cute with a jacket though… I am on the fence about this one and the striped top.

#5 STS BLUE, Neve Skinny Jean

These jeans are a cropped skinny jean. I am surprised at how well they fit me. I usually have an issue with the back of my jeans pulling down or having the dreaded Trash Can, but these fit just right! Again Doug loved them, In fact he loved everything and encouraged me to keep it all! I am really starting to second guess my natural tendencies towards fashion! I think I would be a little more disappointed by this box if it had been a normal warm spring, but seeing that I am still wearing jackets and long sleeves and it is already June, it is a nice welcome change to my tired winterish spring wardrobe I’ve been rocking these past couple of dreary months.  So another fix I was sure I would be returning most of ended up keeping everything! LOL!!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, Click the link below and you will get $25 off your first Fix! That covers your styling fee, so basically you have nothing to lose! If you decide to keep anything you get $25 off and if you keep all 5 you get 25% off the entire purchase!

$25 off your first Stitch Fix Box



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