Cancun ( Day 5 & 6)

Day 5 ( sorry kind of long)

We went to bed looking at the weather report, Rain was on the forecast again, I was getting pretty bummed about the whole thing. But we talked to a few of the workers who told us Mexico weather is hard to predict, it can say rain and it will totally miss where you are, so we were hoping that was the case tomorrow. Doug had decided to bring his golf clubs this trip, he was really looking forward to playing some golf in Mexico. He had a tee time for 9 am. The plan was for he and Tony to wake up early and golf while Shannon and I slept in and then go down to the beach and catch some rays. Great plan right? Well Doug woke up around 6am to check the weather, it wasn’t looking very good, he checked again at 7 and then 8… that’s when he called it, no golfing for him today, It was pouring rain by then. So we decided to skip breakfast and sleep in as long as our little hearts desired because, well we really had no other back up plans. I was getting a little bugged by this time.  The others decided to go on a speed boat tour through the mangroves and snorkel. I thought that sounded like fun, but I don’t think Doug wanted to go, and there was no way I was going to drive a speed boat by myself! LOL Shannon didn’t want to snorkel and was craving a good hamburger, so we decided to catch a taxi over to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. We asked to be seated by the window so we could watch the waves crash while eating.


The waves were huge that day. Of course while we were eating the sun began to shine, so we got a glimmer of hope. After we ate we shopped a little at the Hard Rock gift shop, then planned on heading back to the hotel to maybe get some beach time. Well as soon as we walked out of the shop, it started pouring rain again 😦 Such a bummer. So we ended up doing some shopping in the little shops hoping the rain would let up again. No such luck. So we grabbed another taxi back to our hotel. We met up with everyone that night for dinner, it was Darren and Nicole’s last night, they were leaving the next day. We wandered around both hotels looking for the best place to eat and ended up at our hotel where they had steak and lobster at the buffet. It was really good. I didn’t take a single picture that day besides the sad rainy one at our table at Hard Rock. But I did manage to take one that night, because when I see a photo-op I just have to take it!



After dinner we headed to the show, we showed up a little late and I have no idea what was going on, but they were dancing in a background of what looked like a shipping warehouse??? Very Bazaar and a perfect ending to a kind of bummer day. LOL We went to bed that night praying for good weather, our days were getting numbered, we needed at least one good beach day!!

Day 6

Day 6 we decided to get up and go to breakfast. I woke up and noticed it didn’t look too bad out there. So I suited up just in case and headed out. We ate breakfast and noticed it was getting sunny! Whoo hoo! So we hurried up and headed straight to the beach after we ate. Of course everyone else was out there too, we have all been waiting for this day!


Doug and Tony decided that if they were to get some golfing in this might be the only day to do so. They had a tee time for Friday, but the weather forecast was saying 100% chance of rain all day, so this was their only hope for a good day.


Shannon and I were perfectly happy to stay back at the beach. What a fun day! It was warm finally! And dare I say we actually got hot! In fact so hot that when they started doing water aerobics in the ocean I was all over it! I am not one to do something like that because I am so uncoordinated but I didn’t care I was going to take every advantage of this perfect day. And the water felt so good!


Shannon and I had all the vendors come over to our chairs and show us what they had to offer… there is just something so fun about bartering with them, and I always like to have a little piece of jewelry to remind me of my trips. I have a tip for you, I am sure it is frowned upon, but if you give the vendors some Cervezas they will accept lower offers! LOL We took this pic and sent it to our husbands and neither one of them believed we were drinking it for ourselves… I guess Beer wasn’t the right drink to try to fool them with. 😛573022b1-c151-4c20-8fb4-0c4e4676d0fe

Dan and Niccole Kayaked, and Gary was out on the little Catarman. for $3 you could use all the water toys, but of course you had to know how to operate a Catamaran which I do not, so Sheryl and I decided we wanted in on the action. They flagged Gary in and let us hop on. It was so much fun! The water started to get super choppy after about 30 minutes we were flagged back in. That was so much fun, and I was very impressed with Gary’s ability to maneuver that thing around.


When we got back to our chairs I noticed right away that Shannon was looking through the henna tattoo book, I was so excited, could this day get any better? If you know me you know I almost always get a henna tattoo while on vacation, it’s just something I do, because I secretly have always wanted one, but I am too chicken to actually do it and now that I am older it just seems silly to do now. So I sit down and say oh I want a tattoo of a flower on my ankle ( which is what I do every single time) and the guy looks at me and says I know exactly what you want and starts drawing on my ankle… I was like wait we haven’t even discussed how much yet, and he said no worries it will be little money. LOL so I just let him do his thing and to my surprise it was almost exactly like I always get! So crazy right? I should dig up some of my old pics for you to see for yourself, but seriously it blew my mind!





Shannon got a tribal tattoo and after we were done we asked him if he would do another one as a joke for our husbands. We had him put a tiny tramp stamp of their names on our lower backs with a heart. LOL So funny! I would post the pic of us and our back tats, but note to self… never, and I mean ever, take a photo of your back side, I could end that statement right there and it would be true, but add while sitting by little miss Shannon Abbott… I looked Gigantic!! It was bad people!!  So yep I am not showing you those pictures! LOL

After our tattoos we decided to head back in and clean up a bit then head into town. We decided to ride the city bus to Wal-Mart, why? I am not entirely sure, but it sounded like fun,  so that’s what we did. We met up with Dan, Niccole, Gary and Sheryl. I felt safer knowing we were not going alone, since our hubby’s where still golfing. Riding the City bus was fun enough on its own. We met a cute mexican boy who was on his way home from work, and he spoke really good english, he told us he was also in College studying English so it was fun to chat with him. Also at one stop a man with a guitar hopped on and started playing and singing that was unexpected and cool too.


After browsing Wal-Mart and buying some Mexican treats cause you know by now my stomach was getting used to the every two-hour feedings and I was starving! Not really but my body was saying hey you need to eat something stat! lol


I grabbed what looked like a chips ahoy cookie pack and let me tell you these were so much better than a Chips ahoy cookie! I am really bummed I didn’t buy more! When I asked my son Haden if he has ever tried these before, he replied, ” I ate a sleeve of those every morning on my mission for breakfast!, they are the bomb” So ya I am not the only one who thinks these are amazing!

On our way home Dan and Niccole were telling us about a store they found that was like a grocery store that had all kinds of cool souvenirs, so we decided to hit that store before he went back to our hotel. It was a great store, I ended up buying a couple sundresses and a t-shirt for like $30!  later that evening I was talking to Haden again and I told him how we took the bus to Wal-Mart and he said you should have went to Chedraui, it is so much better than Wal-Mart, I was like wait, I think we may have gone there, So I snapped a pic of the tag of my dress and he said Yep that’s the place! LOL I guess I really should have talked to him before our trip!a3a0b875-b1f9-4efd-a4ff-8d51a2a82540 After the shopping we got cleaned up and ready for dinner. I think we decided that the buffet was just as good as anything else. After dinner we headed to the show. This night was the Michael Jackson Night, and we thought it was great entertainment, maybe the best of the week! Overall today was maybe my favorite day besides the Chichen Itza day. I was so happy!


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