Billy Idol at Red Butte Garden

When I first got wind that Billy Idol was coming to Utah I got super excited and went online to find tickets and see how much they were but they were already completely  sold out, I was a little bummed out but I didn’t really think about it again. I am not a huge concert goer so it really wasn’t a big deal.  A couple of weeks ago Doug told me that a guy from his work had a few extra tickets to see Billy Idol if I wanted to go, at that point I was like Nah, we don’t need to go and that was the end of the conversation, so a week later I noticed that Doug had withdrawn some money from our account ( I am the one in charge of our finances, so I always know when money is coming or going) So I texted Doug to make sure it was him doing the withdrawal,( our account has been hacked a few times so I am extra crazy) he writes back, “it was me, I just bought the Billy Idol tickets!!” He totally surprised me! I love it when he does that!!

Now when I say I love Billy Idol, I am talking ever since I was 12 years old I have had the BIGGEST crush on him! I can remember back in 1983 he came out with the Album Don’t Stop that only had a few songs on one side, but on the other side was an interview where Martha Quinn from MTV interviewed him, I listened to that interview over and over again, I pretty much had the entire interview memorized, I fell in love with him after that interview and I am not really sure why, maybe it was his sexy voice with that accent or just how freakin cool he was, whatever it was I was hooked on Billy! My very first concert wasn’t until I was in College and you better believe it was to see Billy Idol. I remember me and my roommate Audrey (still one of my besties) decided to go, I was so excited, I can vividly remember me yelling and screaming out to him saying,” I wanna have your babies” LOL I was obsessed with him. I am pretty sure Audrey thought I was crazy! If anyone were to ask me who my favorite artist back then was it was a no brainer, Billy Idol all day, everyday! While I still love Billy Idol and always will to some degree, I haven’t really listened to him religiously in years,  I mean he’s still on most of my playlists, but nothing like when I was a teenager! I guess that’s what happens when you grow up and have a family. So when it came closer to going to the concert I started thinking what if I don’t even remember any of the songs or what if heaven forbid, I don’t even like him anymore, I mean the guy is in his 60’s now, I mean how could he possibly be as Hot!?!

Well Monday came and Doug had a busy day at work, which meant we couldn’t go up early to get a good seats, it was a general admission outdoor concert. We were pushing it time wise to even get there on time. His buddy from work actually took the day off and went up at 1:00 that afternoon to save his seats, so I knew we were going to be all the way in the back, in fact I planned on it, I made us sandwiches and drinks and packed the cooler and got us a blanket to sit on to just chill while listening. When we finally arrived at first glance it looked like everything all the way to the back was already taken, I was pretty bummed because secretly I dreamed of sitting so close and I had visions of me and Billy locking eyes at some point 😛 LOL Well we weren’t sure what to do at that point so we went looking for his buddy hoping that by some miracle he had room by him, but when we spotted him, he was sandwiched into a row about 4 rows from the front with absolutely no extra room. So we started looking around for anything up close and noticed a little sliver of grass right in the front corner, we asked the people sitting there if we could sit there and they” said of course”. they then said, “you know you won’t be sitting though, right?” I said ya, they then said, “see that cement circle in front of us? Well everyone will fill that space up once Billy comes on.” So Doug and I sit there and think about this for a minute and we thought, wait we can just go stand up there and be right on the front row?? I made Doug ask security to make sure we really were good to stand there and they said yes! WHAT?!? I was freaking out, I could not believe it!  My dreams of locking eyes with Billy was becoming more of a reality!! So we totally just ditched our blanket and stood right by the barricade on the side of the stage! I was so excited I even accidentally left my purse sitting on my blanket during the entire concert!! luckily it was still there at the end, but if you know me at all that is not a normal thing for me to be so trusting, but once we stood up their everyone else got the same idea and we were stuck there, for fear we would lose our spots if we moved.

It was so crazy! I still have to pinch myself, we were so late and somehow managed to get to be on the front row of a sold out concert!! That just doesnt happen people… it was meant to be!!

We were right on the side where Steve Stevens the guitar player was, he is an amazing guitar player, I was in awe at how well he could still jam out, he is so talented! We locked eyes more than once but still nothing from my man Billy, but then all of a sudden my dream came true, he came right over to our side and looked right at me!! I was freaking out! I tried to take a picture but I was too in the moment, so it is a terrible pic and he is making a crazy face! LOL, Doug kind of got some video of it, but all I know is that it happened, and it wasn’t just me who saw it,  Doug and the girl next to me totally did, she was totally jealous too!! It was really hard to get good pictures because of all the lights but here are just a few of the videos we captured…


looking right at me with his crazy face!LOL


one of the many times Steve looked at me.



As soon as the concert started I felt like a teenage girl all over again, and my love for Billy was back!! It was so fun!  And even though he is old and aged he is somehow still hot! Not Doug hot of course, but hot still the same! LOL Who would have thought after all these years I would be still rockin out to Billy Idol?!  What a fun night!  My Billy crush is back and I am already thinking about seeing him again in Concert, but after being on the front row I don’t think I could ever top that!! Thanks to my awesome hubby who always knows how to make this girl happy! Such a fun night! Billy Idol forever! LOL


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