Short Par 4 Box #2

Doug’s second Short Par 4 box came last week and he was pretty excited to finally see what he got. I know that feeling because I get the same way anytime my stitch fix box or my Fab Fit Fun comes.   Yes I may be becoming a little addicted to these subscription boxes but it’s nice to share my addiction with my best friend and hubby. It is so awesome for me to see him get excited about something that is right up my alley.  It’s a little Something we can bond over… LOL not to mention it’s a way better gift then I could ever pick out for him, I mean, I don’t ever dare buy him golf attire, that’s just out of area of expertise, so it’s a win/ win!

Wow, this was a great little box. A pair of golf shorts and golf shirt along with another ball marker. Again, for $49.99 I feel like that is a steal! Have you ever poked around inside one of those pro shops at the golf courses? Well lets just say they think very highly of their merchandise, and Doug says this brand that he got is in some of those country club shops so YAY! and Bonus, they fit him perfectly and while he owns all different colors of golf shorts, surprisingly enough he does not have a pair like these, so Two for Two so far on the Short Par 4 Box!! YAY!!


**shorts and shirt by Matte Grey.

Click the link below for $25 off your first Short Par 4 box!

$25 off Your 1st Short Par 4 box


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