Message Monday


This weeks message is one that I needed to hear. You see recently I had someone tell me somethings about what others have said about me and it made me feel really, really bad about myself. I felt all kinds of self-conscious and inferior and I got pretty depressed over it.  I spent a few days feeling upset and crappy about this new-found information and It wasn’t until I talked with my hubby who is so good at not giving a crap at what others think of him, help me see that I had the power to give what I had heard life or not. I have the power to not let it affect me. Yes it hurt to hear those things, but I have the choice of how I will take that information and what I do with it. I decided it was not worth the hurt I was feeling and decided it is on those who are talking crap about me. They can keep thinking whatever they want about me, I know that I can’t change the fact that not everyone will like me or agree with how I run my life, and it hurts to hear that people are judging me, but I will not let it affect me and my life. It’s not an easy thing for me to do, I am one who worries about other people and what they think of me, and I care if someone doesn’t like me or my actions, But I am getting older and a little bit wiser and while I don’t ever want to end up being a bitter person who has no heart, I’ll be damned if I am going to let someone make me feel that way again. I know I am not perfect and I am doing my best to live my life they way I think I should.   And for those who think I am not doing it right… Sorry you feel that way, but I am no longer gonna lose any sleep over it, I will just sit back and let Karma take care of things for me. 😉


2 thoughts on “Message Monday

  1. Good for you Janna! I’ve been there several times in my life too. Life is too short to waste worrying about what people think. We just do the best we can. Love your message thank you.

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