Temporary Gray Cover up

I was at lunch with my good friend Christi one day, She told me to don’t mind her hair, she is getting her grays touched up after we ate. I looked at her hair and couldn’t spot a single gray hair, I’m like What you talkin bout Willis? …Ok, maybe I just thought that… but I did say,”where are these gray hairs?? I can’t see one! She then tells me, “that’s because I colored them with a Crayola Marker”, say What???  Yep her hairstylist told her that using a Crayola marker works because they are non toxic and water-soluble so they are safe to use on your hair! Shut the front Door!

So back when I was in Texas it happened to be the week before my next hair apt and that week is always the worst, So I decided to run to the store and pick up a pack of Crayola Markers. First off, I haven’t bought these for years so I forgot how cheap they are, they are only $1 for a 10 pack… Yes I only need the brown one but for a dollar who cares?

So here is my before and after touch up with the marker.It was super hard to get the gray hairs to show up in these pictures, but I swear they are there!  I only did the front of my hair, and to be honest, that’s all I really care about,  All you guys looking at me from behind or the side will just have to deal with those grays, but to me the ones in the front are the worst!  It’s probably because those are the only ones I can really see😜 and  It could  also be because I usually pull the grays out when I see them, and am trying so hard to not do that anymore so I have all these short gray hairs sticking up all over and it’s awful!



**while in Texas the girls came in one day when I was getting ready and they spotted my Marker, they asked why I took their marker, I said that’s not yours I brought it from home, then they asked why? I told them it was to cover my gray hairs, and they looked at me all crazy and then Lexie says, What’s wrong with gray hair? It stopped me in my tracks, and I thought to myself, what is wrong with gray hair? Why do we try to cover it so much??  Sometimes kids are so much smarter than us Adults!

I guess my true answer to what’s wrong with Gray hair is, Nothing! Nothing  is wrong with gray hair, I actually think gray hair is pretty… just not on me…YET, I’m still in denial about my aging body and want to hang on Just a little bit longer, (20 years or so) before I fully embrace the grays😜



2 thoughts on “Temporary Gray Cover up

  1. Hahahaha!!!!! I love that you tried it! You are th best. This post made me laugh… especially the girls accusing you of taking their marker. You’re the cutest.


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