New Orleans (Day 2)

Sorry It took me so long to get to Day 2, I have been busy, since we got back…

Today We woke up to sunshine so that was nice. Doug had to register and go to a few classes in the morning. After  he was done we decided to eat lunch at a place we found on Yelp, it was called Cochon Butcher.  Butcher is a butcher shop, a sandwich counter and a wine bar located next door to Cochon. Butcher specializes in house-made meats, terrines and sausages. We figured we would give it a try.  I ordered the smoked turkey sandwich with avocado, sprouts, basil Aioli on 7 grain bread, it was so good! I also splurged and ordered a Coke, I don’t drink a lot of soda but on vacation sometimes it just hits the spot, and I was soo happy I ordered it because I was pleasantly surprised when they brought it out in a bottle!! along with a frosty glass to pour it in, best tasting Coke ive had in a long time! It’s probably a good thing places don’t serve soda like this always or I would be addicted to my Cokes and Pepsi’s again for sure!!



Doug ordered the Pastrami on Rye and a side of potato salad. We both thought the potato salad was a little weird for our liking but our sandwiches made up for that! The bread on mine alone was enough to make me happy, it was soo tasty! I would definitely go back there and maybe next time try a dessert or two! The cookies looked amazing!

That evening we decided to go on a ghost tour. We didn’t book anything til a few hours before and we booked it online, which I believe was cheaper than booking it from one of the tour booths you see all around. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this was really just a little history tour of the different houses and different stories of how people died in these old houses and how they are said to be still haunting these homes now. Im not sure what I was expecting but it was fun to hear all the different stories and I love how old all these houses are, they really are so cool looking, I guess I just wish we were able to go inside of them! LOL! Oh and maybe a different tour guide, not to be mean or anything, but this girls voice kind of got to me after a while! I included a video clip below so you can see what I am talking about.




while we were on the tour these two young boys started to follow us and talking to Doug and I. They were interested in where we were from and why  we were in town and we just chatted with them during our little walking tour. They were 25 and 22 years old, I told them they are the same ages as my boys, they then started asking if they were in college and what schools they went to and just random small talk. I told them they were like my vacation boys. 😛 Then they got spotted from our tour guide and she made them leave, they took a picture with me, gave both of us a hug and told us to come find them on Bourbon street sometime, they are dancers.  We still wonder why they latched onto us, but they seemed like sweet boys who were missing their parents! I really liked them, I didn’t mind being their vacation mom for a little bit. LOL272194E4-ED4B-4836-9DD5-387008CDDC78

After our tour we walked around a bit and we worked up an appetite again, we had no clue where to go and it was getting late so we headed back to our hotel for a little snack, and now as I write this I am seeing why I gained 8 lbs this week… No JOKE 8 LBS PEOPLE! I eat way too much on vacation!

We ordered some wings, tater tots topped with Parmesan cheese and a few deviled eggs! I know totally random food, but oh so so good! I mean where in the world can you just order deviled eggs like this or fancy tater tots??? NOLA Marriott that’s where! LOL





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