My Pet bunny for half a day

So a Couple days ago Haden popped his head into my room before he left for school, he says I have a surprise downstairs for you. I was like uh-oh that can’t be good. I ask him what it is? He says you just need to go downstairs and look in the window well in my bedroom, I got nervous because the last thing that was down our window well was the neighbor’s cold, wet dog and I didn’t want to deal with that again. He says no this will make you happy. It’s a bunny, then he left. Of course I hurried and went downstairs to see the cutest tiniest bunny ever!! You see I have been bugging Doug to buy me a bunny rabbit for years now, but I don’t think I really want the responsibility of owning one, I just want to play with one for a while.  I just think they are the cutest animals ever!  I sat and video taped and watched that little guy for at least an hour! It was like I was at the zoo watching an animal in a display case or something. It was kind of a wild little thing, it was scratching at the window, running around all crazy like and jumping super high trying to get out. Poor Haden said he was up all night listening to it! LOL!


***Dont judge me by how dirty my basement windows are or how many leaves or in the window well! YIKES!

I was a little nervous to do anything about him, so I left him there for a couple of hours. I threw a few baby carrots and some green leafs because he was eating all the dead leaves that were in our window well. I had to run a few errands and figured I would deal with him when I got back. Well the poor guy was still there, but he had settled down a bit, he  looked a little calmer now so I figured I would try to get him out. I got me some gloves and a bucket and I got up the nerve to open the window and try to grab him, He was a fast little bugger but I finally got a hold of him and as I went to put him into the bucket…I accidently dropped him! He ran as fast as he could into the bedroom and was headed right towards under Haden’s bed, I grabbed him just in the nick of time! WHEWW that was close! That’s all I needed was a baby bunny on the loose in our house!

My next plan was to take him out in the back yard and play with him for a little bit and then sadly let him go… But I had seriously contemplated going to the store and buying a cage and food the whole nine yards, I mean it was like a sign, If a bunny comes to you, you should keep it right?…. Well when I first got him out of the bucket he just sat there so I started to pet him and he just laid there like he was playing dead. I turned my head for just a second and off he ran, man that thing was fast, I have never seen anything like it,he took off so fast I had no idea where he went, I went searching for him and just like that he was gone! So that was my fun adventure of owning a bunny for a few hours! LOL I did love him while I had him!


Now If he comes back, I will take that as a sign and I will keep him and call him scrappy, cause that bunny was one scrappy rabbit!



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