Stitch Fix Box #5

I Got my 5th Stitch Fix Box this week. I am not sure about this one is what I thought when I initially opened up the box, It’s so funny I feel the same way almost every time I open a box, I think Ugh, that isn’t at all what I was hoping for. But then I try them on and they start to grow on me.

This Fix I said I wanted something to transition into Spring. I had pinned the pink jacket on Pinterest so I wasn’t too surprised to see it in my box. I also asked for a fun Spring dress and the one I got was definitely not what I had in mind at all. I was hoping for a more pink or white colored floral dress maybe a maxi or midi. I for sure didn’t expect a red dress! So at first glance I was pretty bummed about that for sure! The T-shirt she mentioned that I had liked it in the Stitch Fix Style Shuffle game as well as the Polka Dot tulip sleeved shirt. I literally play that game clicking on them without putting too much thought into it, I guess I should really pay more attention to what I like and don’t like I thought It was just a general idea of what I liked not actual things they have for sale! LOL live and learn. So I guess at one point when playing I said I would wear them. But I have never been a huge polka dot person and here my box had two shirts with them on it and I am not going to lie, I was very sad about that. But it’s OK because I don’t have to keep anything, right? So I start to try them on.



**Sorry about the selfies again, I was going to have Doug take pictures outside and of course it snowed yesterday!


I love the jacket right away, I am a pink girl so that was a no brainer.


The dress is actually cuter than I thought it would be. I specifically told her short sleeve or  3/4 sleeve but NO sleeveless, well this is almost sleeveless, I mean I can get away with it, but it was definitely pushing the limit on this one. I also said at least knee-length, which it is in the front and back but it goes up on the sides significantly so If I keep this there will be some alterations that need to happen in order for me to be able to wear it, which bums me out a little bit.I threw on my skirt extenders and it seemed to solve my issue of too short on the sides for now. I also like that I can dress this up or down it is very versatile and very comfortable too!




The polka dots tulip shirt I ended up really liking! I can wear it with so many things! It’s very flowy and the front of the shirt is lined which is a nice touch.




The T-shirt is just OK, I mean it’s just a T-shirt, not anything too special there. But once I tried it on I was surprised at how much cuter it was on and it is very soft, apparently I love to wear soft things who knew? and again I could wear it with a ton of things, probably shorts too but I am WAY too white to be trying on my shorts, it’s still pretty much winter here it! It’s the middle of April people!!



I was hoping to get a cute chambray shirt almost like the tulip sleeved shirt but in chambray…  Instead I got another Polka dot shirt, this shirt seems huge, but it  fits at the same time, it is very LONG like it would look good with leggings if I was a legging wearing type of girl, I just can’t do, I dont have the legs for them!  But What I do like about it is that I can wear it buttoned up without it gaping open in the chest area and the material is super soft, they always get me with that!  It just feels very long on me. So I decided to tie it at the waist and all of a sudden I find it super cute. I also like the idea of wearing a shirt under and wearing it opened as suggested on my style card


So…here I am again questioning my own style and tastes I seriously wouldn’t look twice at most of the stuff I get sent from Stitch Fix in a department store! I guess This is why I like it so much. It really is a fun way to shop, a personal shopper that literally comes to your door, you dont even have to leave your house! I only get a box every three months so it is just a fun way to get a few new pieces for each season. I think if i was working I would probably do it monthly but I seriously dont need to look nice everyday! They also have men’s boxes, I keep telling Doug he should try it, but unless they sell Lululemon’s ABC pants he’s not interested! LOL

If you been wanting to give it Stitch Fix a try click this link: Stitch Fix Discount

With this link You will get $25 off your first order! If you keep all 5 items you get 25% off the total order. There is a $20 style fee but if you keep anything you get that $20 deducted off the total. If you decide to return everything you are only out $20, but it you click that link you aren’t out anything! It’s a no brainer people You can try your first Stitch Fix box free today! If you don’t want to keep anything they provide a pre-paid envelope where you put everything in and drop it off at the Post Office! So EASY! What do you have to lose??


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    1. Ya I totally get that, but it is very fun seeing what someone else picks for you, I find I am always gravitating to the same things all the time, so it’s nice to switch it up a bit!

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