Make up Eye Glasses

So a couple of years ago I started to have to pull my phone further and further away from my face for me to be able to read it. I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor, where he confirmed what I was afraid of, I am getting older and need reading glasses. Well I still am in denial most of the time, instead of using them I have adjusted my font on my phone sooo big I am pretty sure everyone across the room can read it!!  I just don’t want to HAVE to use them all the time! There are just some things I do break down and use them for, for some reason reading a menu at a restaurant is one of the hardest things for me to do, doing my nails or working on the T-shirts I make,  I guess just about anything that I need to be more exact at. One thing I have noticed is putting on my make up every morning is getting harder and harder for me to do and you can’t put your glasses on for that! I ask Doug all the time if I look like a clown because I can only see what I look like from a few feet away. He always says I look great, but then I remember he needs glasses too so he isn’t the person to be asking! In fact I firmly believe we grow older together and start to lose our eye sight so that we can’t see each other’s imperfections! 😛


So one day I saw these crazy looking make up glasses and thought genius! The lenses flip from side to side so that you can do your eye make up while the other eye has good vision. I didn’t remember what my prescription strength was so I ordered +2.0. Well they came a few days ago and I was super excited to try them… Maybe I don’t have the right power of lenses but these seem to not work very well at all!!  Not only that, It’s almost like everything is even blurrier than before!! Maybe I need to get used to them, or maybe they are just pieces of crap?! LOL  It’s too bad too because it was such a good concept, I firmly believe if these were prescription they would have be awesome! Oh well you can’t win them all! I guess I will just have to stick to my magnifying mirror for now 😦


Look how goofy these look on!

whats even funnier is the description:

“Nice, trendy and cool to wear.
Lens can be rotated 180 degree from left to right, help you makeup well.”

Nice, trendy and cool to wear?? I will have to say a firm NO on that one!  LOL …The search continues!


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