Poshmark Love or List Challenge

When the seasons change I always have to clear out my closet and take out whatever doesn’t work anymore and rotate in what will work for that season. I wish my closet was bigger, but it isn’t so this is just what I do. But it is kind of a good thing because it forces me into taking  a good look at what I have and deciding if I really even like the items I am moving around. I did this last week and like always I come up with a pile of clothes that I either don’t wear anymore, Never really fit right on me or I am just plain sick of. As I have mentioned in a post before I like to post and sell these things to Poshmark. I love to do this, but what I don’t love is finding the time or motivation to post the new things. Well this morning I was trying to motivate myself to tackle a pretty big pile I have got going on when I opened my email and read this email from Posh. It is a LOVE OR LIST CHALLENGE! Here’s the details,  ( I just copied from my email)

Digging through your closet, only to find sundresses, cutoffs, and swimsuits? Ready for fall, but don’t know where to start? We know the struggle—so we we’re kicking off another Love or List Challenge! Participate this week and automatically be entered to win BIG.

Ready to take the challenge?

  • Create a new listing to be automatically entered to win.
  • Earn an additional entry for every item you list—the more you list, the better!
  • Winners announced daily starting 10/24 on our blog, so be sure to follow along.

Don’t forget the golden rule: If you don’t love it, it’s time to list it! Giveaway ends October 27, 2017.

$100 shopping sprees and grand prize of Fall Wardrobe ($2500 value) credited in the form of Posh Credit. Listings must be marked as for sale, available for purchase, and comply with Poshmark terms and conditions to qualify as a valid entry. New listings created between 10/23/17-10/27/17 are automatically entered to win. One winner per device. Winners chosen at random. No limit to entries, each time you create a new listing, you submit a new entry. No purchase or listing necessary to enter or win. Offer valid10/23/17-10/27/17 11:59 PM PT. See Official Rules for details.

You guys, talk about perfect timing and a perfect way to motivate me!! If getting rid of a bunch of stuff I have hanging around here for a few bucks wasnt motivation enough, the chance to win some serious cash ALWAYS is!! So Yep you know what I will be doing these next couple of days!! If you haven’t started a closet on Poshmark now is definitely the time to do it and if you already have the closet but need the motivation to start listing, I say today is your day!!  Click the link below to get started!… And Good luck!!!  🙂

Get Busy Listing!

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