Happy Birthday Breecia

I can’t let today go by without wishing my daughter in law Breecia a Happy Birthday! I am so happy to have you in our family and more importantly that you love my Joshy. You two are perfect for each other and I am so happy for that.

Breecia is a very talented, beautiful, happy and thoughtful person. She is the only one I have let touch my hair for the past three years! She is amazing at what she does, she helps me keep my grays at bay( which is getting harder and harder to do)!! Too bad I am not a blonde because she is the blonde hair whisperer, like seriously you should check her out on Instagram @bf.artistry, like seriously, her work is so impressive!!


But what I really wanted to share with you today is a little story that happened this weekend that just goes to show you how sweet and thoughtful she is. Saturday afternoon she came by real quick before a bridal shower, I told her about grandpa Charlie being admitted to the hospital and how we were going to go visit him in a little bit. She says, text me when you guys go I want to come with you. Remember Josh is out-of-town….We text her and she came with us. After our visit Haden and Tyler both had plans with their girlfriends that night, Doug and Josh were out-of-town hunting so Breecia knew I was going to be home alone. She had plans with her girlfriend Kiley to have a little girls night out. She asked me what I was going to do? I told her I was just going to hang out at home, she told me to come out with her and Kiley! I didn’t want to intrude on their girls night, but she acted like it was no big deal… So I tagged along with them to dinner and then watch a Red Box movie, They were so sweet to include me and I am sure it was the last thing they wanted to do was to hang out with her mother in law, but they treated me just like one of the girlfriends! I love that about her (and Kiley). She makes me feel included and she doesn’t act like she’s embarrassed to be with me 😛 It’s been so fun to finally have a daughter, I love that I am not the only girl in this family anymore!!

I hope you have a great Birthday, Have Fun in Disneyland! Love Ya!! Big 22!! WHOO HOO!!



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