Long Hair past 40? 50?

Yesterday I talked about the No white after Labor Day rule. But today I am going to talk about something that used to worry me all through out my 30’s. I knew that there was this unwritten law that women shouldn’t have long hair after 40. I would seriously have panic attacks thinking that I had to cut all my hair all off when I turned 40 and have “mom hair”.

Most people think I have always worn my hair long, I have even had people tell me my hair has never changed over the years… nothing could be further from the truth. below are some very low quality pics of me growing up, I had long hair up until about 3rd or 4th grade, when I had to have the Dorothy Hamill haircut then I grew it back out until I was in like 7th or 8th grade and decided to cut it super short like a boy, which was super smart because what helps out the super awkward stage of life more than a boy haircut and braces?? I spent almost my entire high school years growing my hair back out and enduring a TON of crazy awkward stages during the whole growing out phase :/ I finally grew my hair long enough for senior pics and kept it long all through college and up until a few months after Doug and I got married then I cut it short again to a bob. I remember he  wasn’t thrilled about it, especially because I didn’t even warn him i was going to do it I just came home with it! So i would grow it back out and every once in a while I would get a wild hair and cut it again! I have done this my whole life!

I have tried just about every length and I usually ended up hating it every-time. I always immediately start growing my hair out after each one. I just feel more like myself with longer hair. I am fully aware that long hair can age people, and I really hope that isn’t the case with me, but as my years in my 40’s are numbered,  I again find myself starting to worry about my hair. Do I just keep doing my thing or am I just aging myself?

I will say I have seen a few ladies where I think, you are aging yourself, then I will think, wait… Is that what I look like to everyone else? Why does growing older have to be so hard? I am writing this  because I have been tempted to cut my hair shorter lately.  Then I remember how thick and poofy my hair gets when it’s shorter and how much work it is and how I don’t want “mom” or “grandma” hair and I know my hubby loves me with longer hair. So here I sit confused as to what to do? I also am a little bit rebellious and like the fact that I am not listening to someones idea of how a person should wear their hair and what is age appropriate. Please help me, I need some advice, or your thoughts on the subject!!

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10 thoughts on “Long Hair past 40? 50?

  1. I had shoulder length all through high school, always wanting longer hair. I finally grew it out about 10 years ago and 2 years ago I was convinced to cut it and guess what? I hate it!! It was told it was time to have grown up hair. I want my long hair back and now I am having a hard time getting it to grow. Luckily it’s not too short, but it’s short enough to annoy me every time I look in the mirror. Not all women over 40 look good with short hair and although you would look fine with short hair, I vote for long hair!


    1. Thanks for sharing because I’m pretty sure I would be the exact same and to be honest this is the first time in a long time my hair has been this long and who knows if it would even grow back😬 I hadn’t even thought about that!


  2. Wear your hair how you want!!! Your old enough to have earned the right to choose what you want to do and not worry about what others think Janna!!! You’re beautiful the way you are!! Those who love you will love you no matter what your hair looks like. Others don’t matter anyway. Do what makes you feel good!! I will now step off my soap box…

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    1. Ha thanks Dawn! On most days I feel like you and say to heck with everyone if they have a problem with it, but other days I get all weird and care about what people think! Probably a hormonal thing😜


  3. Thanks for you comments, I love that fact that you are rocking purple hair! I love the idea of a shaved head but mine is so bumpy I am pretty sure it would look horrible, but it is a fantasy of mine to have a nice bald head! LOL


  4. I thought that as I am now a woman of a certain age I would no longer want long hair. Well, the pandemic and lockdown changed everything. My hair grew Dow to my arm pits before I felt safe to get a trim. And that’s all I want for now. My terrific hair stylist adds a few layers to keep it from dragging my face down. I can wear in a french twist, down and wavy, or different pony tail looks. I love it. The stylist, Justin Hicks, has a YouTube channel and has posted some excellent videos on long hair and how to avoid mistakes. Good luck.


    1. Thanks Denise! I recently trimmed a couple inches off and it’s still long, but easier to manage, I don’t think I can go real short ever!


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