No White After Labor Day!

I have grown up following the “rule” no white after Labor Day my whole life. It’s not like I actually thought anything bad would happen to me if I did, I just seriously thought it was a fashion Faux Pas. I know people and times have changed and we are living in an anything goes type of world now. But I find that even me, a natural rebel at heart, still has a hard time not sticking to this rule.  In fact I decided yesterday as I was getting ready for the day that it was hot, so hot in fact that I should ignore my no white after Labor Day and wear white pants.


Yes, I wore White pants after Labor Day and guess what… I don’t think anyone cared…except me! I felt uneasy all day, how stupid is that?? I secretly hoped that I wouldn’t run into anyone who would call me out on my fashion No-No. I guess there are just some things so deeply en-grained in us that we just can’t change, and that’s OK.

**And NO I will not look down on you for choosing to wear white after Labor Day, I will secretly be proud and maybe a little jealous of your free spirit who doesnt give a care!



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