Perfect Pepperoni’s

Everyone has that thing they look for when they grab that first piece of pizza, for me it is a crispy almost burnt pepperoni, burnt cheese on the crust is a close second.

The other day my niece Quincy text me and said, “write a blog post about microwaving your pepperoni’s, WE do it all the time now!” That made me laugh, because frozen pizza’s are my least favorite pizza to eat, but when I do make them, I doctor them up a little bit. First I take all the pepperoni’s off and microwave them for a couple of minutes before actually cooking the pizza this insures super yummy crispy pepperoni! Quincy was over one day when I was making one and she thought I was crazy at first, but obviously, not so much now! 🙂

Another bonus is the amount of grease that comes off of these, it is amazingly disgusting and I figure that it takes so much fat off of it, is almost healthy for me, and it saves me from the dreaded napkin dab that I usually have to do. It also allows me to arrange those randomly tossed pepperoni’s onto my pizza in a more evenly spaced fashion, Yes it really bugs me when I open a pizza and the toppings are all thrown in the middle and not spread out… Yes I know I have issues.

Secondly I add more cheese! I figure since I’ve taken off so much fat it’s probably OK if I add some “real” shredded cheese on top, anyone else get concerned when you read…made with Real Cheese?? What exactly is Fake Cheese? Anyway, there you have it, next time you have to make a frozen pizza at home, try it out, you may never eat a frozen pizza the same again!


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