Sheet Suspenders

I love my bed, it’s a super comfy pillow-top mattress, when I go away on vacation it’s the only thing I look forward to coming home to. OK maybe not the only thing, but you know what I mean, there really isn’t anything better than your own bed. I love everything about my bed except one thing… My sheets never want to stay on it! I have tried so many types of sheets, even ones made especially for pillow-top mattresses and they never stay put! Some nights we will wake up to the sheets totally off the sides, which is super uncomfortable and annoying.


One day when making my bed I was thinking if only they made some sort of suspenders or something to hold these sheets in place. Well I have found that usually if I think of something, that means someone else has thought of it too, so I jumped on Amazon and took a look, sure enough there IS such a thing! So I  ordered them immediately! I couldn’t wait for these to come, even though I wasn’t sure it would really work, I would try anything at this point.

Well they came and after a few nights of sleeping on them, my sheets are still in place! The Best $6.99 I have ever spent!!  Happy Day…or more like, Happy Night!



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