Garage Sales

I have a love/hate relationship with Garage sales. Every time I have one I swear I wont ever do that again, but then another year goes by and I somehow forget how much work they are. The best way to have one is to have a goal or something you are trying to make the money for.IMG_9079

When my sister Ashley was in town last week with her T-shirt making stuff and we got to playing with them, Nancy and I knew we had to have them too! So this year we had a good reason to have one, we were determined to get rid of enough stuff to be able to buy a heat press and a silhouette vinyl machine so that we can start making T-shirts and other fun Vinyl projects. Our goal was to make $500. We got super close to it, all together  it think we made $486, not my best garage sale, but not the worst either, and we definitely had enough to buy our stuff! We were so excited we counted our money and ordered the stuff  right there in my garage! LOL!

The other great thing about having an annual garage sale is You can load of all the unsold things up and donate them to the nearest thrift shop and make sure you get a receipt so that you can deduct that from your taxes for the year. A little money, a tax deduction and a cleaner house, it definitely is worth the couple of days of discomfort and an unhappy husband 😛 He hates them so much! but he is a good sport and always supports me even if he can’t stand them, but this time I know he was secretly a little happy because he loved designing his shirts, I think he may be just as excited as we are! Shhh…dont tell anyone! LOL


2 thoughts on “Garage Sales

  1. I have a love/hare relationship with garage sales too. I love the money but hate the fact that when it comes time to set up and tear down, I can never find my family.


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