Running belt waist pack AKA Fanny Pack

I like to have my phone on me when I walk,  I mean you never know when you might get attacked by a deer or something! No, I am not kidding, it really is a thing, I saw it once on a when animals attack video and it still freaks me out every time I see a deer!

But seriously, I do feel somehow safer knowing that I can call someone if I need to and I like that I can be reached when out on a walk, but exercise clothes are the worst, there is either no pockets or the pockets aren’t big enough to put my phone in so I end up holding my phone in my hand which let’s just face it, it’s just a matter of time before I accidentally throw my phone on the asphalt! So I looked online for some type of carrying device. I used to own an arm band that held my phone, but phones have gotten so big lately that they don’t work anymore. I stumbled across this running belt/ fanny pack. I wasn’t sure how I felt about stepping back into the 80’s, but it looked slim enough and more like a belt then a bulky fanny pack, so I thought I  would give it a try. I found it on Amazon for only $9.99.  IMG_9051

I tried it out for the first time today, I loved it, I could barely even tell I was wearing it!  I could fit my I-phone7 easily and pretty sure the 7 plus would fit no problem. there is room for other things too if I need to bring some money or credit cards, there is even a place where I think you could put a water bottle, but I haven’t tried that out yet. I also like that there is a place to run my earphone wire out of ( I haven’t upgraded to Bluetooth earphones yet) so I can listen to music too! So far I am happy with my fanny pack, just wondering if I may regret getting the bright pink one, I am always drawn to pink, it’s this girlie girls kryptonite…Oh well who really cares, right?



I wasnt sure how I was supposed to wear this? On the Front? on the back?


I guess slightly to the side is what I went with…LOL


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