Happy Father’s Day!


phillippi reunion 086

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there, But…Sorry to say this,  My Dad is the Greatest Dad out there! My dad has taught me so many things, he has taught me how to be a kind, and generous person. I have seen this man help so many people. I have watched him “loan money” to people knowing all too well that he wont ever see that money back again, and knowing that if he helped them out he would then be the one who would be struggling.

I have seen him offer his home, to many friends and family members, one of them being me and my little family back when Doug got into P.A. School. He not only offered to let us live with them rent free for two whole years, He put in a small kitchen in the basement so we could have a separate living space. We will forever be grateful for that.

He has shown me how to work hard. Growing up I always knew if I needed something fixed or made, he could do it. Let’s be honest, I still think of my dad first when I need anything fixed. He just recently finished the whole basement in his house with very little help from anyone else.My dad will drop anything to help someone in need. He puts others first most of the time.

My dad was and still is an example to me of what a husband should look like. My dad loves my mom with all his heart and isn’t afraid to let everyone know it. I love that he is a strong man, with an even bigger heart. I am so lucky to call him dad. Thank you dad for all that you’ve done for me and my little family. I Love You!


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