A New Favorite

My son Haden calls me out of the blue the other day and asks me if I want to go shopping with him to help him find a father’s day gift for Doug. He also says”I want to buy you something too because we were on our cruise for your birthday and  I didn’t get you anything.” What a sweet and thoughtful boy I have!

When we went shopping he knew exactly what he wanted to get me, A pair of Vans. As a Mom I was trying so hard to find the cutest and cheapest pair I could find. We searched the whole clearance section first, but I think I am a tad too old to be wearing Vans with ice cream cones or cupcakes all over them. So he then says, “Mom we don’t have to only buy clearance, you can look anywhere in the store.” So I mentally struggle with how much should I let him spend on me and finding something I would seriously wear. We finally stumbled upon these. He doesn’t hesitate and buys them.

Now I know to some of you this isn’t a big deal, but to me, knowing that he is a starving student just starting a new job and money is super tight, this means so much to me. Actually when any of my boys buys me something that they picked out and wanted me to have I cherish them and they become some of my favorite things.  These pretty new Vans are my new favorites 🙂 Thank you Haden!

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