Fidget Spinners


When I first heard of Fidget spinners I thought they were the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. The whole concept of these for people with ADHD kind of made sense to me, but I have seen so many kids with them, there is no way they all have ADHD, it’s just another fad like Pet Rocks or something like that. Really super trendy things like that make me hate them before I even give them another thought.

My 18-year-old son Tyler just brought one home the other night and I asked if I could try it, just so I can see what the fuss was all about and to tell him how dumb it was…..Well I couldn’t stop playing with it! He kept trying to take it away from me, but its spinning power had the best of me, I was in some sort of trance and I couldn’t stop! I now get it, It’s just like when you have a pen in your hand and you can’t stop clicking the ink in and out, in and out, or when my hubby is wearing a half zip shirt and I will constantly zip it up and down and up and down when I am talking to him, before he has to tell me to knock it off ( in the nicest way possible of course)… I came to a conclusion, either I have ADHD or I am a compulsive fidget-er. I never knew this about myself, but It makes total sense to me now.

I have a phone case that is clear with glitter in it, I can sit and play with that for hours, instead of actually using my phone!  I am a fidget-er and these things are made for people like me. Just something to do with your hands while mindlessly doing nothing, or thinking intensely, or watching TV. 51509683

My Sweet boy could tell I liked it and the very next day came home from work with a pink fidget spinner to call my very own. He is so thoughtful…Or he was just sick of having to take his back from me…. Either way I now have my very own fidget spinner!

Sometimes I wonder Am I 47 Or 7??



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