Nicki Minaj Onika

I am always on a hunt for a good Perfume. My problem is that most fragrances give me a killer headache. So I have to be very careful about the perfume I bring home. I can love it at the store, spray it on my wrist and an hour later I am sickened by the smell or have a crippling headache. It has happened way more than I care to admit. This past Christmas I was shopping with my son Josh for a perfume for his wife. We were kind of making fun of the Nicki Minaj ones because of these hideous bottles. We started smelling them and he fell in love with this one and told me to get this one for his wife. I laughed because the bottle was so gaudy, but I bought it anyways. I ended up spraying some on my wrist on the way out, just to see if it did anything to me. It did something to me alright, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it smelled so good to me and no headaches at all!! I ended up buying me one for Christmas too.



I have gone through the one bottle and have since bought two more. I thought I was buying a little bottle and ended up with this huge bottle, so I needed a smaller one for when I travel and bought a smaller one but it was a medium-sized one . So I now am a proud owner of three of these ugly things! Ha, but seriously it smells so good, the only downside is, It doesn’t last as long as I would like, but its super cheap and a great everyday scent. I have had a tons of compliments while wearing it! I am sharing this so hopefully others will buy it and it will continue to be sold, because I have a way of falling in love with products that become discontinued.



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