My First Stitch Fix Box

I have had a Stitch Fix account set up for almost three years now, I’ve been scared to try it, for fear I would hate everything, or worse yet…love everything.  I’ve been feeling like I am in a style rut lately and I was thinking about trying it out, so I asked Doug what he thought and he said” Do It!”. We are going to be out-of-town for my birthday so what better gift then getting some new clothes before we go??  We are taking the family on a cruise for Tyler’s high school graduation, so I told my Stitch Fix stylist I wanted something fun and summery in this box. The Box came today!!

I was so excited to open it, At First glance I could already tell I was going to like the colors…


here’s The style cards that came with every piece. Kind of fun to see what they put together. Looks good on paper, but how will it look on me?? I was nervous about some of the sizes…

First off I tried on the Maycon Halter top, I usually don’t wear sleeveless shirts ( religious reasons, I need to make a note of that to my stylist for next time) but to throw on over my swim suit or add a jacket or sweater it works… I think?? At first I wasn’t too sure about it, I thought it was going to make me look prego, but I’m loving the tassel bottom,… so it’s a maybe…

Next, Chana Embroidered Dress

This was my least favorite before trying it on, but it’s not too bad… and I can throw it over a swimsuit and it can look cute, I think it’s a little too short for everyday wear, but it’s not bad…

Reed Bermuda Denim Shorts and Aurora Tie Neck Top..

So I was most excited about these shorts, I have a really hard time finding long shorts that not only fit me but also look decent on me.  I loved the way these feel, they are super soft and comfy, these may be my new favorite shorts! Yay! The top when I pulled it out looked huge, and it is a little big on me, but if it was smaller I’m afraid it would be too tight across my chest. I love this style of shirt and the lace elbow sleeve, is so dang cute. If anyone knows me, they know my go to “uniform” has always been a white shirt and jeans, so yep this one is favorite, but is that because its something I would normally pick out myself?

Keelie Embroidered maxi Dress…

Again with the sleeveless, apparently I need to go into my preferences and change things in there, i swear i wrote anything but sleeveless, but maybe i didn’t?? I think it looks kind of cute with a sweater and even ok with a tee under it, i am thinking its a keeper too…

So there you have it. My first box and I am happy with it. She did a good job on sizing and even style, I just need to write down NO sleeveless tops and dresses next time.

It was cheaper for me to keep all the clothes then send a few pieces back, If you keep all 5 items you get 25% off the entire order, plus the $20 style fee is deducted from the total. If you do decide to return an item there is a prepaid shipping label, all you have to do is drop in one of those blue mailboxes. Super easy. I am loving going out of my comfort zone and trying things I wouldn’t even look at before.

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, click on the link below to get started!

Click Link to start Your Stitch Fix

***clothes are wrinkly,  out of the box and my selfies are not the best but you get the idea.


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