No more Chocolate…Walls that is


I don’t know what it was with all the Chocolate brown walls I had to have, but I am so over them! It you can’t tell I’m going through a major lightening up of my house. I think Doug may kill me soon with all these projects, but I decided if I cant live somewhere that is nice and sunny all the time, i needed to bring a bright and sunny place inside my home. I get so depressed in the winter months when the sun doesn’t shine for days, weeks and sometimes even months at a time. This was just a quick and easy fix, but one that makes me so happy. I am all about being happy these days, can you tell?


First I updated the bedding, but It wasn’t enough I still needed to get rid of that chocolate wall


Then I got to work…getting ready for a fresh coat of white paint


behind every coat of paint in my house there is an I Heart Doug written first… secret to a happy marriage LOL


Final project! Now the only chocolate in this picture is in that blanket chest… Or what we call the treat bench…maybe one day I will show you a peak inside, everyone should have one of these:)


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