Happy Day!!


Remember a few days ago me posting about not being about to find my beloved 80’s hairspray? Well I didn’t find the exact kind I use but it is the same brand,  it’s just a light to medium spray instead of the extra firm… I’m actually OK with that… So okay in fact I bought 36 bottles of it! LOL! I found these beauties on Ebay. someone was selling them in lots of 12 and like I said before, things are just better in three’s, so I bought three sets of 12! That may seem like over kill but you guys I just bought myself over three years time to find a new favorite hairspray! I just hope hairspray doesn’t go bad??  So here’s the best part, right now because this is a discontinued company, the hairspray I normally use used to cost me around $5.99 a for a 12 oz bottle. now people are charging around $20 a bottle. I got 36 bottles for $56.85, which comes out to $1.58 a bottle!! Whoo Hoo! I just love it when I score a deal like this 🙂


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