Hawaii ( Day 2)

Today we woke up, made some breakfast and then decided to go check out the The Kona Farmer’s Market. It was a small little market but they had lots of variety and it was just big enough, but not too big. We got some yummy fresh fruits and a few little souvenirs. It was really cookin that day so after we decided it would be good time to find a nice beach.

Of course when we got to the beach park it was closed!( we later found out it was because of Hurricane Darby) We were a little bummed but decided to check out The Four Seasons Beach instead. This was a nice beautiful beach. I liked that it had way more sand and beach front and it was less crowded. I could go to the beach everyday, it’s just so soothing! This beach was big enough for the boys to play catch and we found a cute little sea turtle right near the shore.

After a few hours at the beach we headed back to Kona to find something to eat. When we were there is when we realized how the Hurricane was effecting the Island… Here’s a little clip of the ocean coming over the wall across the street from the shops. Apparently this was nothing, it was super crazy a little further away from us where the waves were going over the entire resort buildings! Sooo crazy!

After we ate we headed back to our place to shower and get cleaned up. It gets dark pretty early here and everything shuts down so early, we decided to stay in and play some games. It was a good time. I didn’t take too many pictures this day, I guess we were busy having too much fun!

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