Last Minute Trip To Los Cabos

Life has been a bit stressful around here, the last few months have been mostly spent worrying about my mom and her recovery from her fall and from her surgery and pretty much just dealing with all of that. I am a worrier by nature and things like this kind of overcome my everyday thoughts and it makes it really hard for me to concentrate on anything else. Add Christmas to the mix and I have been a complete scatterbrained mess!

So when I got a text from my sister telling me that her Bosses have an extra room at an All Inclusive Resort for 6 days, completely paid for I would just have to get there… You better believe I jumped on it! I was so excited to tell Doug the news, but He immediately let me know that it is the busiest time of year for him at work and that there was no way he would be able to get it off ūüė¶¬† Next I called my son Haden, he and I both love the beach and the sun and he has been talking to me about going on a trip to Mexico ever since he’s gotten home from his mission… but sadly it is Finals week and there was no way he could miss those! I didn’t even bother asking Josh or Tyler because I knew there was no way they could take off work or school either and to be honest, those two can’t chill all day in the sun like we can. I asked my sister Ashley, but with 5 little ones at home there was no way that she could drop everything and leave, I asked a few girlfriends who don’t work and they all said no way not with Christmas just around the corner there’s just so much to get done… I had just about given up when I kept getting the feeling that I should ask my good friend Lucie, I would have asked her sooner but she works and I thought there would probably be no way she could swing it, I mean we would have to leave in 6 days I thought there is no way I should even ask her, but I figured I will ask her and if she says no, it just wasn’t meant to be and that was that… well I text her and she responded “let me see if I can make a miracle happen”… and next thing I know, we were booking our flights! 6 days later we were flying to Mexico!! Miracles do happen!


We spent 6 days laying by the pool, eating and drinking whatever our little hearts desired and we left all of our worries and stresses back at home! The weather was perfect. We even got some of our Christmas shopping Done! We would hang out in the infinity pool and the vendor’s would come over and sell us stuff. Who knew shopping could be so much fun??

One day we decided to venture out and go on a little excursion to Cabo San Lucas because this was my first time here and I needed to see the Arch! So we took a little glass bottom boat out to see the Arch, It was Beautiful!

After our boat ride we did some more shopping and a little more eating and of course I couldn’t miss a few Photo Opportunities! LOL

On the second day, My sister realized that there was a Thrifty’s ice cream shop directly across the street from our hotel… I mean really? How can this get any better? If you know me at all you know I have a very unhealthy obsession with Thrifty’s and what are the odds that there is one right across the street? I tell you, Its like I was meant to be on this trip! LOL

What a great 6 days we had , laying out, shopping, face masks ( Lucie is gonna kill me for posting that pic, but it had us laughing so hard I have to remember it and I look WAY scarier than she does!), henna tattoos, movie watching. eating too much and just relaxing and not thinking about life for a while.

Yes we even made a few Mexican friends and If I ever want to go back to Cabo I can always stay at Bennie’s house LOL I told him My husband won’t like that too much and he said well I can be your Mexican husband! LOL UMMM… No thank you, I have a pretty awesome Utah husband!! The only thing that would of made this trip better is if he was with me!¬† I am so lucky that Doug lets me go off and do these crazy things! He is the best, I love him!!


***I have to give a Shout Out to Utah First Title for Graciously giving us this trip.¬†A VERY¬† HUGE THANK YOU! You guys have no idea how much Lucie and I needed that!!¬† I should give a little background of how this happened. My sister Nancy works for Utah First Title and every year they take all of their employees on a little trip as their Christmas Work Party… in Cabo! I mean first off how cool is that? It’s not everyday that a company will share their wealth like that, I think more companies should take a lesson out of their handbook, I mean, who doesn’t want to work hard for a company who takes care of you like that?¬† They had to lay someone off which¬†left them with an extra room that they couldn’t get their money back from, so they sent out a text to their employees¬† saying whoever wants it, first come first serve…¬† Nancy forwarded that to me and apparently nobody else could just drop everything and go on vacation in December so as luck would have it we were able to go! Not only were we the lucky ones who got to take advantage of their generosity like that, we felt welcomed and included by all of them.¬† If I was to ever go back to work I would definitely want to work for people like them, very generous, sincere, down to earth people. In fact if any of my realtor friends are needing a Title Company to work with I would highly recommend using Utah First Title!


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